Addiction and Trauma Re-enactment

~ 6 CEH for Addiction Professionals

For many trauma survivors, it feels impossible to stop the self-harm patterns manifest in alcohol/drug abuse, self-harm, and high-risk or dangerous relationships that recreate the destruction of traumatic experiences. This faith-based trauma informed training will equip treatment providers and recovery workers with tools to help survivor’s access strength to manage stressors and find restoration for soul, spirit, and body.You can help survivors to be overcomers.

Goals and Objectives: To access skills to identify…

  • client’s need for trauma-informed care within the delivery of services.

  • client’s self-awareness of any deeper unresolved issues and unmet needs that perpetuate addiction and self-harming behavior.

  • client to increase capacity to break through the lifestyle patterns and barriers that sustain and perpetuate addictive self-harm and unhealthy high risk relationship patterns.

  • client to find strength to sustain emotional presence beyond the barriers of self-defeating patterns and be available for authentic relationship.

  • helping clients to manage stressors, prevent relapse, and access restoration for their soul, spirit, and body.