Trauma Impact and Counselor Self-Care

~ 2 CEH for Addiction Professionals

Addiction counselors are faced with an emotionally and professionally demanding job. Those working with trauma survivors are subject to additional stressors due to close connection with the pain and suffering of other’s traumatic experiences. This course examines the important strengths of a substance abuse counselor and how those strengths, when neglected, can cause burnout and fatigue. It addresses both the issue and offers a guide to take the necessary steps toward counselor self-care and wellness.

Goals and Objectives: To learn how to identify…

  • counselor strengths that are vulnerable to burnout

  • impact of traumatic experiences

  • risk factors for substance abuse counselors working with trauma survivors

  • countertransference and professional boundaries

  • burnout vs stress

  • self-care and wellness approaches

  • action steps toward a wellness lifestyle