Treatment and Therapy

We are utilizing evidence-based solutions

to help you live free, whole and well.

Trauma Care

Addressing unresolved trauma is at the core of our recovery and healing process. Individual assessment results are incorporated into program plans, individual therapy, and groups.

Addiction Recovery

We address the unique set of beliefs that perpetuate triggers and cycles of addictive process in substance use disorder and sexual dependency.


Clients receive the opportunity to achieve greater independence, the ability to trust oneself,

decrease anxiety and to build healthier relationships.

Family Systems

Family is a core part of our integrated care to increase awareness that creatively searches for the greater values and contribution of each family member to promote resiliency and connection.

Body Work

Care is taken to address how the body experiences and expresses unresolved trauma and promotes solutions to manage emotions, anxiety, high-risk, and self-harming behaviors.


Emphasis is placed on “what’s right with you” to identify personal strengths and how they can be successfully enhanced to promote personal identity and manage safety.

Our life-changing outcomes target core issues such as:

  • Addictive personality

  • Addiction – Addictive cycles

  • Sexual dependence

  • High-risk behavior

  • Self-defeating patterns

  • Codependency

  • Unresolved traumatic experience

  • Sexual abuse

  • Betrayal

  • Trauma abandonment

  • Trauma bonding

  • Shame

  • Rejection

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

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